2021 Book-Calendar

The HDC 2021 Book-calendar was released on August 1rd 2020. The 2021 Book-calendar, Explosion of Growth is the sixth and last of the six-year series of Telling the History of Douglas County. The 2021 Book-calendar covers the era of 1990 to 2020 …a time encompassing when Douglas County was the fastest growing county in the United States. Learn more about the 2021 Book-calendar and how to obtain one at 2021 Book-calendar, Explosion of Growth.

Douglas County Libraries’ Monthly Events

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Historic Douglas County, Inc. Mission:

The purpose of Historic Douglas County is to expand and enrich public awareness of Douglas County history through education and communication, and through support and coordination among local historical organizations and other related groups.


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Eastern Colorado Museums and Historical Societies

The Eastern Colorado Museums and Historical Societies (ECMHS) is a collection of small museums, historical societies and historical focused venues that share three commonalities: non-profit status, generally staffed by volunteers and fairly rural communities. Assembled as broad group of historical entities with mutual interests in 2010, the group meets twice a year, spring and fall, to enhance their operations knowledge by sharing their experiences as to “what works and work does not work”, discussing like problems as well as delving into potential future happenings.

Joe Martell, Elbert County Museum and Historical Society, has been the coordinator during what has been the group’s early, formative years. The ECMHS collection of like-mined folks deeply care about the local history in their specific geography. There is no board of directors or specific officers for the ECMHS …as said, just like-minded volunteers.

Below are the participating organizations and venues by county represented in ECMHS and the listings of individual volunteers who represent their respective entities at ECMHS meetings.

Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society and Melvin Schoolhouse & Museum
4950 South Laredo Street, Aurora, C) 80012
Website: www.cherrycreekvalleyhistoricalsociety.org
Email: ccvbsco@gmail.com
Garry O’Hara goharra46@aol.com
Nita McKnight herbnita@msn.com
Karen Sear seark@msn.com
Lee & Jane Whiteley leeandjanewhiteley@yahoo.com

> Cheyenne Wells Old Jail Museum and Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Museum
85 West Second Street, Cheyenne Wells, CO 80810
Rayetta Palmer rayetta49@earthlink.net

Kit Carson Museum
200 Park Street, Kit Carson, CO 80825
Penny McPherson < a href=”mailto:pmac70@rebeltec.net”>pmac70@rebeltec.net

> Castle Rock Museum & Historical Society
420 Elbert Street, Castle Rock, CO 80104
Website: www.castlerockmuseum.org
Email: crmuseum@comcast.net>
Angie DeLeo
Dorothy Kelly dotckelly@aol.com
Jerry Persall jpersall@comcast.net

Historic Douglas County, Inc.
PO Box 2032, Castle Rock, CO 80104
Website: historicdouglascounty.org
Email: hdcwebmaster@gmail.com
Ed Hooks efhooks@hotmail.com
Mary O’Pry maryopry@aol.com
Larry Schlupp lschlupp@comcast.net
Jim Weglarz jjw1951@hughes.net

Douglas County Repository
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Website: www.douglas.co.us/historic/museum
Mark Howard sixutes1@yahoo.com
Norma Miller nmiller@douglas.co.us

Larkspur Historical Society
4839 Cheyenne Drive, Larkspur, CO 80118
Website: larkspurhistoricalsociety.org
Email: lhs@larkspurhistoricalsociety.org
Danna Hamling dannahamling@gmail.com
Larry Schlupp lschlupp@comcast.net

Parker Area Historical Society
PO Box 604, Parker, CO 80134
Website: < a href=”http://www.parkerhistory.org”>www.parkerhistory.org
Mike Mulligan mem4439@q.com
Larry & Susan Smith wandyneswood@netzero.net

Palmer Lake Historical Society
PO Box 662, Palmer Lake, CO 80133
Website: www.palmerdividehistory.org/index.html
Roger Davis roger_d@q.com
Ron Heard ravensroost403@gmail.com

Bailey Saddleland Museum
20140 CR 125, Simla, CO 80835
Website: www.baileysaddleshopandmuseum.com
Don & Janet Bailey baileysaddle@aol.com

Elbert County Historical Society & Museum
PO Box 43, Kiowa, CO 80117
Website: www.elbertcountymuseum.org
Email: elbertcountymuseum@qmail.com
John & Lucy Hoffhines luhoff@earthlink.net
Joe & Carla Martell jcm1974@hotmail.com
Hank & Donna Smith smithranches@earthlink.net

Flagler Hospital Museum & Hal Borland Room
311 Main Avenue, Flagler, CO 80815
Doris King townflag@esrta.com

Kit Carson County Carousel & Museum
815 15th Street, Burlington, CO 80807
Website: www.kitcountycarousel.com
Jo Downey jdowney@prairiedevelopment.com
Norma Pankratz npankratz000@centurytel.net

Prairie Development Council
PO Box 202, Stratton, CO 80836
Website: www.ourjourney.info
Jo Downey jdowney@prairiedevelopment.com

Old Town Museum
420 South 14th Street, Burlington, CO 80807
Holly Robinson holly.robinson@burlingtoncolo.com

Second Central School Museum
404 4th Street, Flagler, CO 80815
Norma Stone nstone@starband.net

Arriba Museum
711 Front Street, Arriba, CP 80804
Eunice Burge euniceburge@gmail.com

Limon Heritage Museum & Railroad Park
PO Box 341, Limon, CO 80828
Barbara Berry limonmuseum@hotmail.com

Lincoln County Historical Society
PO Box 115, Hugo, CO 80821

Lincoln County’s Hedlund House Museum
PO Box 115, Hugo, CO 80821
Terry & Dee Blevins twbndee@yahoo.com

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