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Historic Douglas County, Inc. Mission:

The purpose of Historic Douglas County is to expand and enrich public awareness of Douglas County history through education and communication, and through support and coordination among local historical organizations and other related groups.


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2016 Historic Book – Calendar

In the Beginning Book - Calendar Page for 2016The Douglas County Historic Calendar 2015 ended the production of annual historic wall-calendars by Historic Douglas County, Inc. (HDC).  In 2016, HDC has begun the production of a new, educational concept, of telling the story of the history of Douglas County, a “Book-calendar.” Over the next five year period, HDC will publish the history of Douglas County by addressing, in serial format, the major subjects and issues associated with the eras of the growth of the County.

2016 is the first production year in this series and addresses “In the Beginning,” starting with the Paleo period and ending in 1870 before statehood.  The subjects and issues addressed within the book-calendar are well-researched and written by seasoned authors knowledgeable about their subject.

It is HDC’s intent that the book-calendars move deeper into the overall history of Douglas County. With the inclusion of the citations of research used in producing this book-calendar document along with the well-written pieces about the major influences in the County’s growth during era, HDC believes that this document will not only be an educational piece for the general public but will be used by educators as an educational resource.  Yes, HDC does provide a calendar for each month of 2016; however, the reader will find it much reduced in terms of size compared to HDC’s historic calendars of the past.

You can receive one calendar or up to four calendars by using your PayPal and following the ordering instructions below. Each calendar is $6.50 ($5.00 for the calendar and $1.50 for handling and shipping).

If you wish for more than four calendars, please contact the Historic Douglas County Storekeeper with your name, address and contact information. The Storekeeper will contact you about your needs and may be able to make custom pricing arrangements.

Please click on Book-Calendar Order and provide your Name, Address, City, State and Zip Code along with your Email Address, Telephone Number and the Number of Calendars you wish to purchase. Then, complete the PayPal information below.

1. Your PayPal payment will be cross-referenced with your email order before the calendar(s) are sent to you via the United States Postal Service.
2. Shipments of calendars will not be made to locations outside of the continental United States.

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You can purchase a calendar by mail by sending your Name, Address, City, State and Zip Code along with your Email Address, Telephone Number and the Number of Calendars you wish to purchase along with a check to:

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